Interactive eLearning Demo

How Aperture Controls Depth of Field

Videographers like to create the so called "cinematic look" characterised by blur background. The technique is to shoot with a wide aperture setting to produce a shallow depth of field. In this micro-learning course, you will learn how aperture controls the depth of field.

Unique Features of the Courseware:

  • Interactive depth of field comparison by clicking on the aperture icons
  • Pictorial illustrations showing the area in focus at different apertures
  • FAQ simulated as a Whatsapp chat with the trainer
  • Closed-captioning (aka subtitle) toggle feature
  • Realistic digitally created model

Recommended Playback Device:

PC is recommended. However, it also works on mobile devices in landscape mode because it is published in responsive HTML5.

Note: The voice-over (VO) is created by the software's text-to-speech (TTS) generator cos I don't have the budget to hire a real VO artist, it being a personal project for my "Videography Kakis Singapore" Facebook group. Your understanding is appreciated.

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