Interactive eLearning & Mobile Learning Development

From consulting, design, development, deployment to creating a culture of self-directed learning.

We have done it all.



for Self-Directed and Blended Learning

Our end-to-end service covers:

  • Consulting
  • Pre-eLearning conversion training material review
  • PowerPoint to eLearning conversion
  • Instructional Design (based on ADDIE model)
  • Storyboarding
  • Narration script review and editing
  • Authoring (a.k.a. development)
  • Voice-over (Text-to-Speech or Voice Talent)
  • Publishing (SCORM/AICC/Tin-Can)
  • Certification programme design
  • Test question construction, vetting, editing

There are many factors to consider when designing an eLearning courseware. It's not as simple as: build it and they will come. If you need expert advice or opinions for your eLearning project, feel free to contact us.



Content development for mobile devices require a different design strategy and deployment considerations from developing for desktop PC. The factors to consider include: smaller display, user behaviour (eg: attention span, expectation, distraction, etc.), time, place and context of use, bandwidth, hosting (LMS vs web server), and the need for completion tracking and recording. All these have to be balanced with the need to achieve the business goals, desired learning experience and outcome.

Mobile learning can take the form of bite-size video or interactive content embedded in a:

  • HTML5 mobile web app deployed over the internet
  • Mobile optimised SCORM-based courseware deployed on a LMS

Let us help you with your mobile learning needs.


MicroLearning (aka Bite-Size Learning)
for Job Performance Support

Usually in the form of bite-size video (think YouTube), microLearning is very popular for workplace learning. From our experience implementing digital learning with the MNCs, the data we gathered shows that employees prefer easy access to quick learning resources to solve their work problems.

Contact us for advice, content strategy, design and development.