Training Video Production

Offering you a suite of video production services to meet your diverse digital learning needs

We are Different. We are L&D people too!



Engage people who know L&D for your video project!

We produce videos for our clients to provide their employees with job performance support (aka learning on-demand), L&D/HR initiatives, salesforce enablement, new hire onboarding, organisational learning, change management, customer training, aftersales support, etc.

Types of Video We Produce...
Interview · Online Video Learning · Interactive Video · Product Review/Guide/Demo · Process Training/Documentary · Event · Classroom Training · Scenario video with dialogues and actors for case study and social learning · Explainer · How-To · Testimonial · Fireside Chat · SOP · Green Screen · etc.

We are L&D People Too, and we know how to deploy video learning contents regionally

We are not the typical video production agency. We are learning and development professionals just like yourself. Our production focuses on achieving learning effectiveness, knowledge acquisition and retention, understanding, recall and application of learning. Instructional design principles are applied when we conceptualise the video. More importantly, we have deployed video learning contents on different LMSes in different countries. So we know what works and what not.

Value-Added Services:

  • Develop a content map based on your business/project goals, or employee learning needs
  • Recommend the appropriate video concept for the subject matter
  • Advise you on the deployment strategy (eg: local and regional bandwidth consideration, etc.)
  • Convert your video to SCORM for LMS hosting

Equipment and Techniques
We use professional videography and audio capturing techniques in our production. Our equipment and software are industry-grade. We are committed to producing high quality work for you.

Professional and Freelance Actors
Tap into our pool of talented casts for your video project. We have casts from all age groups, races, and experience levels.

We Make Video Affordable
Our rate varies with the nature of the project. We keep our fee reasonable so that more clients can afford our service.

Reference Videos
We will be delighted to show you our works so that you can get a feel of our capability. Drop us an email about your upcoming project so that we can send you the link to the videos that match your requirements.


Do you need an animated cartoon video for your instructional, explainer, or marketing video, but have no time, expertise or manpower to conceptualise, script, storyboard, create, and edit the video?

We provide end-to-end animated cartoon production service using Vyond and Plotagon. Although anyone can create animated cartoons themselves with these software, those without filming background tend to produce works that are unable to sustain viewer interest. Realising this, clients had engaged us to re-make their in-house created videos to improve the production quality and viewership.

Give your project the right start with us. We create animated cartoons using professional filming techniques.


Say you have a project with specific video content and distribution requirements. However, you have no idea how to start, what your content strategy should be, how to produce the content, where to host your videos, how to deploy on the LMS or for overseas office.

Speak to us. We don't just shoot video. We can recommend you a complete solution covering content design, production to deployment. Because we are learning technologists. We have done corporate projects for MNCs.