Photo and Image Editing

Offering you a suite of photography services to meet your content production and communication needs.



We offer a range of professional photography services that include:

  • Formal portrait for corporate
  • Cinematic photography ("out of the movie" photography style)
  • Event photography
  • Stock-photography for use in website, training slides, eLearning, etc.
  • Product photography
  • Property/Interior Design photograhy (eg: hotel room)
  • People at work, Equipment in action, Workflow
  • etc.



We are experts in image touch-up and editing with Photoshop. You can engage us to:

  • Touch-up your portrait photo (eg: blemishes, nip and tuck, skin smoothening, eyes enhancement, teeth whitening, etc.)
  • Insert or remove items in a photo
  • Extract items from a photo
  • Remove or replace an image background
  • Change the colour of a specific item
  • Add special effects (eg: blur, targeted exposure, etc.)
  • Insert and create texts effects (eg: perspective, etc.)
  • Combine photos to create a visually engaging composite
  • Repair photos
  • etc.